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UX Design

Website for End of Life Navigation Company

Near is an end of life platform that helps you & your loved ones navigate the end of life with less stress & more meaning.

Overwhelmed with decisions? Feeling fearful or uncertain? Meet with an End of Life Navigator to ask questions (nothing is off limits) and learn how we can make your experience less stressful and more meaningful. No commitment, just a compassionate conversation with someone who understands.

It's easy to get lost in a sea of information, medical professionals, and emotion. Near End of Life Navigators are there to help you find your way so you can focus your mental and emotional capacity on those you love.

We had the opportunity to partner with the Near team to build a platform that helps patients and caregivers navigate through the logistics of the End of Life Experience. Focusing on terminally-diagnosed patient, Near facilities and easy-to-use platform to walk someone through one a challenging time.

We built their visual brand, developed their website copy, and established their online presence. It was a joy and honor to partner with Near and we are hopeful for the large impact they will make.

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