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Moink, founded by Lucinda Cramsey, is on a mission to create a sustainable food system by treating farmers fairly, raising animals humanely, and making sure we all eat well.  

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The Challenge

Help Moink develop branding, messaging, and marketing strategy for their B2C ethical meat subscription box service.

The Results

With branding that conveys their playful personality, sustainability ethos, and a deep knowledge of farming, Moink now serves the lower 48 states and was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The Idea

When we first met with 8th generation farmer Lucinda Cramsey, Moink was just a seed of an idea and a quirky name for a tasty, smoked appetizer. Today, the name is synonymous with ethical and sustainable farming -- a solution for finding delicious meat that’s free of “all kinds of funk”.

Because four large agriculture companies control 80% of the meat industry, it's difficult for small family farmers to sell their ethical meat and for consumers to know where their food comes from.

“When you remove all the cheats of nature that conventional farming employs, such as pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, antibiotics, dewormers  and so on, what you are left with is a farmer working in tandem with nature. The playing field between big agriculture and small farms is then leveled.”

— Lucinda Cramsey, Moink Founder

Lucinda launched Moink in 2017. With customizable options, customers can have high-quality products, from grass-fed beef to wild-caught salmon delivered to their front door.

Leveling the playing field between Big Ag and small farmers meant Moink’s branding, design, and marketing needed a professional touch.

“I truly believe in Moink’s mission -- there are systemic issues in our food system, and Lucinda saw a need on both the consumer and the farmer side for an end-to-end marketplace. I was excited to work with a company committed to family farmers, but not constricted by geography. They have the potential to make a massive, positive impact, and it’s been rewarding to be a partner in their launch and growth."

—Christy Knutson, Marketing Director

The Design

Working on the design was challenging yet fun. We needed the logo to exude quality while still owning the heart of the farmer. We developed a concept with silhouette illustrations that highlighted the five different animals they raise. For their brand palette, we pulled green from the fields, blue from the skies, and the fresh, very classic red color you see in Farmer’s markets to evoke a sense of nostalgia and nature.

“I grew up on a farm, so the idea of bringing in farmers and their stories, as well as selling the quality meat they offer, hits close to home. The emphasis of this website was based off the idea of being built from a family farm. With imagery, color schemes, and fun copy, I believe we were able to pull it off, and we call this type of design, delicious.”

—Jane Butler, Creative Director

The Messaging

Crafting Moink’s story was an essential part of our brand strategy. Through our interactions with Lucinda, we found her strong passion for sustainable farming and her quirky, bubbly personality was the perfect combination for their voice. We could educate consumers about the negative effects of factory farming while still being approachable and friendly. Through web copy, blog posts, and social media content, we created content that conveyed clear, useful information and the mission behind it.

“Moink’s products are as delicious as they are impactful, so I wanted to craft messaging that could appeal both to the taste buds of a grill master and the heart of an animal advocate  -- with just a dash of humor, of course.”

— Rebekah Olsen, Copywriting Director

Influencer Marketing

Moink needed to engage potential buyers in a way that felt organic and relevant. We wanted to elevate their status to high-quality meat line while educating consumers about the difference in taste and impact. We built a network of trusted influencers and brand ambassadors, leveraging their audience to increase brand awareness. We collaborated on recipes that highlighted the fresh-from-the-farm flavors of ethical meat, and made sure videos and photos had the power to stop the scroll and encourage, likes, comments, and shares.

“When Moink first started out, they had no connections in the influencer marketing world. I identified potential ambassadors, from Whole30 accounts to lifestyle bloggers, and played to their strengths. Do they really shine with Facebook Live unboxing videos? Or take gorgeous plated photos on Instagram? Many of the influencers even turned into customers, and regularly create delicious, Moink box recipes to share with their followers. ”

—JoAnna Brown,  Influencer Marketing

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