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Visual Design for Enneagram Coach

Founded by Beth and Jeff McCord, Your Enneagram Coach offers personal coaching and online course helping you understand why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.

The Challenge

In 2017, Your Enneagram Coach had the expertise, experience, and content to build a global business and become a key Enneagram thought leader. They came to us in need of a full-service marketing agency; one that would take the time to deeply understand their work and handle all elements of their marketing so the founders could focus on the work only they could do.

The Results

For more than two years, we have served as an extension of Your Enneagram Coach, operating as an external marketing department while integrating seamlessly with their team. With our ongoing partnership, Your Enneagram Coach receives executive marketing strategy along with a custom-built team of account and project managers, designers, copywriters, and digital marketers.

The Services

Strategic Planning & Project Management

Course Creation and Marketing

Product Branding and Launches

Website Design, Copywriting, and Development

Social & Content Marketing

Book Publication Launches

Sales Funnel Development

Influencer Marketing

Event Promotion & Experience Design

Video Marketing

Public Relations

Social Media Advertising

Measurement & Analytics

Partnership Highlights

When a brand has solid product-market fit, they’re poised to experience incredible growth, quickly. This has been the case with Your Enneagram Coach.

A Growing Impact

  • Email list growth from 8,000 to 700,000+
  • 220% increase in website traffic in the past year
  • Instagram follower growth from 10,000 to 225,000 and growing daily

A New Global Platform (Or 2…)

  • Becoming Us
  • 45 new marriage courses developed and launched
  • Published Becoming Us with a Book Launch Team of 1,000+
  • 12 Becoming Us Live events held nationally
  • Become an Enneagram Coach
  • Extensive course re-make with 3 launches a year
  • Coaching community support, networking, and tools for growth
  • Serving over 550 coaches across 21 countries

A Book Launch (Or 10...)

  • Becoming Us published with a Book Launch Team of 1,000+
  • Publishers Weekly and Amazon Bestseller  
  • 9 Enneagram Journals published through Harper Collins

A Respected Thought Leader

  • 75+ podcast interviews
  • Charisma and Relevant Magazine features
  • Proverbs 31 and Jesus Calling devotion features
  • Speaking engagements at IF:Lead, Living Proof Ministries, AACC, and more

“For years we had a dream of creating a platform for coaching people with the Enneagram. Our biggest hurdle was to take our ideas and make them into a digital reality. Well Refined not only made our dream come alive, but enhanced it —surpassing our expectations. Even more exciting is their contribution of joy and excitement to our team! Not only do we have a contract with a great agency, we also have a great partner in changing people’s lives.”


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