Award-winning Logo Design: Callisto Apps

Our minimalist, creative approach to a science notebook ties in the clients dream of a bear mascot with a galactic punch.

5 min read

Callisto was founded to address a growing problem with data science notebooks: if you’re not a data scientist, they’re overwhelming and complicated to use. Since data doesn’t mean much if you can’t explore, share, discuss, and turn it into insight, it’s a major roadblock for people who are working towards a discovery.

Callisto makes it easy for you to clean, prepare, and visualize your data – on your Mac, iPad, or in the cloud.

Our client, Oak City Labs, came to us looking for a visual brand experience that incorporated the idea of using the name Callisto—Jupiter's second largest moon and the third largest moon in our solar system.

Since its surface is the most heavily cratered of any object in our solar system, the images displayed large white spots standing out against darker regions. We knew that the connection between mythology (Callisto, a nymph loved by Zeus and changed into a bear) and the space-reference would need to be a collaborative, stark logo that took a creative, yet modern approach.

We crafted this logo after many versions, tweaks, and alterations. We’re so excited with how this one turned out, along with the brand messaging we completed and are honored for it to be chose as a Best Logo Design by Design Rush.

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