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Founders like you have no shortage of
ideas and expertise to share.

More than likely, the driving reason you created your startup was because you saw a problem and knew you were the one who could fix it. You couldn’t ignore that something important was missing, and so you stepped up to find a way to meet the need.

Your mission is clear, your passion is contagious, and your mind is brimming with the message and stories you want to tell.

You have years of education, experience, and hard-learned lessons under your belt, making you an authority in your field. You’re ready and willing to share all this wisdom and expertise with your audience.

From branding to web design to marketing, they are a one-stop-shop for high quality and affordable service. They are also a joy to work with.
Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, End Well Foundation
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But you're short on time.

Time to do the research and groundwork.
Time to figure out how and when to engage with your audiences.
Time to create engaging content that performs well and stands out from the noise.
Time to build relationships with key people and organizations.
Time to turn your thoughts into content that will educate, inspire, and call people to action.

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"The work and collaboration Well Refined has done for us has immensely helped us to launch and elevate Your Enneagram Coach as a thought leader in the Christian Enneagram space. They have done an incredible job helping us to launch over 100 courses, 10 books, a podcast, and over a dozen events.

Not only are they extremely professional and deliver high quality work, but they are the kindest people to ever work with. I highly recommend them to any growing company!"

Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach

That's where we come in.

You have revolutionary ideas. And we can help you get them out into the world.

We help you elevate your brand to the next level, building your reputation as a credible industry thought leader. Whether you’re looking for event or podcast speaking opportunities, trade or consumer media exposure, or you want to align yourself with like-minded experts in your field, our team will take out the guesswork.

We specialize in positioning our clients as trusted authorities, building respect, credibility, and reach within their sphere of influence. Our services include industry research, content strategy and development, public relations, and influencer partnerships.

At Well Refined, we believe that good ideas with excellent implementation can change the world. Your wisdom and innovation needs to be shared. Let us help you do it.

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Our thought leadership work

We’re proud of the thought leaders we serve! We have helped get these influencers’ revolutionary ideas and expertise into the world by establishing compelling brand messaging, enhancing digital platforms, growing email and social media reach and influence, and building strategic relationships and partnerships.

Our clients have won industry awards and accolades.


We've launched bestselling books, educational courses, and built top podcasts.

Live Events

Our team has published articles, appeared on podcasts and television interviews, and hosted virtual and in-person
live event tours.

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Our Thought Leadership Package Includes:

Launch Your Voice
You have expertise that needs to be shared. We help you build your reputation as a valuable industry thought leader.
• Industry Research
• Competitor Research
• List of Influencer Marketing
• Media Kit Creation
• Professional Bio
• Pitch Template
• Influencer Pitching
• Monthly Pitch Follow-Ups

Add Ons
priced individually
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Take these steps to expand your influence and elevate your status as a respected authority in your field.

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