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We partnered with Growers to help the ag community be united and empowered by data, not confused by it.

As a farmer in North Carolina, Steven Valenscin noticed that the ag community was slow to adopt new technology. Farmers think it’s cold, confusing, and complicated. In fact, despite investing in some of the best equipment out there, most farmers still apply the same rate of seed, fertilizer, and chemical on every acre.

That’s when Growers was born. It was founded on the notion that the ag community should be empowered by data, not confused by it. That’s why we develop agricultural software that’s fast, easy-to-use, and drives a sustainable, profitable future. When agronomists, retailers, or farmers put data into our tool, they can trust they’re making better decisions with their seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and capital.

Growers came to use with a desire to establish solid brand messaging, brand visuals and a web presence that would clearly communicate the heart behind their mission and the quality software they've created.

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