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Branding, Thought Leadership, Website Design & Development, Content and Social Media Marketing

Founded by Attorney Jesse Jones, Fourscore Business Law offers legal services to brilliant technologists, designers, and investors, so they can make an impact with clarity and confidence.

  • Strategic Planning & Project Management
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Design, Development & SEO
  • Website Copywriting
  • Social & Content Marketing

The Challenge

Fourscore Business Law needed a startup marketing partner who could help them create an authentic brand story, launch their business, diversify their marketing efforts, and gain traction in their industry.

The Results

Managing day-to-day marketing takes founders away from scaling a business. So, acting as an extension of their firm, we provide Fourscore with ongoing strategy, from engagement to conversion, so they can create long-lasting and ever-present relationships with their clients.

The Services

Customer Review Strategy
Lead Magnets & Fundamentals Kit
Case Studies & Whitepapers
Event Promotion
Print Collateral

Strategic Planning & Project Management
Branding & Logo Design
Website Design, Development & SEO
Website Copywriting
Social & Content Marketing

The Idea

As a general rule, most entrepreneurs can be skeptical of lawyers. They think lawyers don’t speak clearly, their fees can be through the roof, and some seem to not genuinely care about the client’s business.

Based in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, Jesse Jones founded Fourscore Business Law with a mission to change the perception of lawyers. His firm helps entrepreneurs grow and protect their businesses in angel and venture financing transactions, startup counseling matters, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

“Fourscore is in the same arena of interest as us. We both enjoy seeing innovation first-hand and working with founders to create change in the world. Our partnership was a natural fit. We’ve helped them save time so they can do the work they love, and they’ve helped us build a stronger foundation on which to stand when it comes to our knowledge and understanding of startups.”

Christy Knutson, Marketing Director

Strategic Planning

Jesse understood it was critical to Fourscore’s success that he focused on what he was good at doing -- and delegate the rest of the work. So before launching, he looked to us to set up and execute a creative marketing strategy. Our first step was to take Fourscore’s mission and turn it into a cohesive narrative that’d stick in the mind of a discerning customer.

“Our clients come to us with complex legal transactions because they know we make it easy and understandable. But, Well Refined made marketing easy for me. They helped us from day one - leading me through the branding process, providing invaluable support with marketing strategy and implementation, and consistently delivering more value than I could ever have imagined.”

—Jesse Jones, Fourscore Business Law Founder

The Design

Jesse’s clients are thought-leaders and innovators, so we chose a design with modern, clean lines. His logo is minimalistic—tying in the F and S with negative space. When working with his team, the experience felt warm and inviting, and we reflected that in his colors.

Attorneys are known for their papers, numbers, and intricate workflows, which can be overwhelming to most people. So, we wanted the flow of the website to be clear, easy, and the founder to know exactly what they’re getting in the partnership.

“Jesse is leading new innovations in the startup world, so we wanted the brand to be refreshingly different from other firms. We made the flow of the website easy to navigate and used local photography to help people feel connected to his team and mission.”

—Jane Butler, Creative Director

Social Media and Content Marketing

Jesse also offers a wide variety of resources for his audience, and we highlighted them through simple PDF downloads and well-formatted PDF portfolios. We also created informative white papers to give tons of free values to prospects and build their email marketing list. These all contain easy call-to-actions and future next steps for the reader.

But, we’re especially proud of the hand we had in their case studies. The stories of the entrepreneurs they work with give prospects a beautiful glimpse of the changes people are making in the world.

“Fourscore genuinely cares about their clients and the communities they serve. With their social media campaign, I focus on grabbing the attention of followers and highlighting that authenticity and authority. Their clients’ work is making a positive impact, and it’s a joy to capture and share those stories.”

—Dania Hamoui, Copywriter

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