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End Well was looking for an intuitive website design to ignite conversation, foster new ideas, and embody their philosophy for redesigning the end of life experience.

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Founded by Internal Medicine Physician and Oscar-Nominated Executive Producer, Shoshana Ungerleider, MD, End Well is a nonprofit media platform and convening, creating a cultural shift in palliative care.

The Results

To keep people immersed in the media platform, we designed a website that was functional yet connective. From a refined brand story to their Five Pillars, each element encourages people to lean into hard conversations and find hope in the struggle.

“People who work in this space, or who have sat by the bed of someone dying, know that something sacred is happening at end of life. That a window is opening to the mystery of what it is that binds us together as part of a huge and wondrous whole. I know that, for me, being reminded of mortality makes my life immeasurably sweeter, richer, and miraculous.”

Shoshana Ungerleider, MD End Well Founder

The Idea

Death happens to everyone. But despite that, we don’t talk about it. It’s become a medicalized experience hidden away in hospitals and institutions. A cultural taboo. A sign of failure for doctors and society alike. An experience we don’t think about, plan, or share.

That’s why Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, MD founded End Well in 2017: to bring people, across all disciplines, together to ignite a conversation about how we live and how we die.

While End Well had strong branding, the website lacked full brand implementation, an optimized Watch experience, and searchability. So, to move forward with their vision of becoming the ‘Ted of End of Life Care’, we held in-depth strategy sessions to explore their current and future needs.

“After following End Well on social for some time, I was thrilled to have a chance to join in their work. They are a dream client because their mission is so very close to my heart. It was an honor to help them create an inviting, online space for end of life education and conversation, and we are grateful for the chance to partner with them in this movement.”

—Christy Knutson, Well Refined Co-Founder & Marketing Director

The Design

End Well had a library of powerful videos to share, and we organized those under five distinct pillars to make it searchable, digestible, and not overwhelming for the user. We utilized photography from their recent symposium to show the deep emotion and connection experienced at their event. And we gathered quotes from the team to emphasize the human experience.

“Our goal was to create a beautiful, easy-for-everyone hub where people could learn more about end of life care and the importance of the global movement. Both clarity and a strong user journey are important with any project, but they are crucial when communicating such emotional, personal experiences.”

—Jane Butler, Well Refined Co-Founder + Creative Director

Dr. Ungerleider’s journey from resident to founder of End Well wasn’t on their current website -- a missed opportunity to compel new audiences. So, we refined her story, and with each word, lead readers from awareness to involvement; placing them in the driver’s seat of change. A snippet of her work history adds a note of authority, while her experience, set in between quote marks, creates a personal, relatable touch.

“It was exciting to work with an organization that was doing such impactful work and being led by a strong, driven woman. Writing her about page involved a sense of instinctive copywriting, empathy, and storytelling.”

—Rebekah Olsen, Well Refined Head of Copy & Content

Join the Movement

How can you get involved? Start by watching and sharing these videos. Listen as we ask questions, explore solutions, and move forward together. Then, join us in San Francisco for the 2019 End Well Symposium - details here.

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