Amy Galper

Website Design, Brand Messaging, Visual Brand, Course Launch

Although she wears a lot of hats, Amy’s greatest passion is teaching.

Through consulting, books, and online classes, she seeks to inspire and empower others in their pursuit of holistic and mindful beauty and wellness.

Our team partnered with Amy Galper to build and launch her personal website and we built out and launched her online courses.

Visit her website to learn more.

Plant-Powered Beauty

Whether you’re looking to incorporate botanicals into your daily beauty regimen, make your own holistic cosmetic products, or simply boost your appearance and quality of life, Plant-Powered Beauty will jumpstart your journey!

After each lesson, you’ll walk away with extensive holistic wellness and beauty education, practical tips you can apply in your everyday life, and plant-based recipes you can use right away.

Check out this course here.

Aromatherapy In Action

This course will transform you from an essential oil beginner to a highly trained and skilled Aromatherapist.  Through this self-paced course, you’ll receive reliable, trustworthy information, hands-on application and practice, and meaningful self-development and personal growth.

Check out this course here.

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