Why We Are Launching a Marketing Shop During a Recession

We made the decision to launch well to better support our clients and our team as we navigate this new landscape together.

An a la carte marketing shop is an untraditional move for a full-service marketing agency. Most agencies reserve their services for longer projects or ongoing, partnership-level retainers. This has been our business model for years, but the current recession made us rethink our model.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 economic impact, The Praxis Journal released Leading Beyond the Blizzard, While Every Organization is Now a Startup. Our leadership team found this perspective especially helpful, and we have since incorporated the language presented there. In short, we knew that we were not facing a blizzard, or a winter, but rather a “Little Ice Age.”

We made the decision to launch well to better support our clients and our team as we navigate this new landscape together.

What This Means for Our Clients

Our clients have been hurting, and there is much fear and many questions. Will their businesses remain open through the end of this? How should they pivot their services? Which projects need to be cancelled? Which projects should be accelerated? How will they continue to support their mission, their team members, and their families?

Considering all of this, many of our prospective clients need marketing support, but they are unable to commit to a monthly partnership. The shop gives founders and small business owners an option for purchasing individual services. This makes our team of skilled, experienced experts more accessible with no commitment and no minimums.

Benefits for Clients:
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Less commitment
  • Ability to implement marketing efforts at a slower pace
  • Access to a professional team with no minimums

What This Means for Our Team

Our small, close-knit agency has not been immune to the current economic situation. We made the difficult decision to make cuts to our team following a loss of projects and work at the beginning of COVID-19. We understand the struggles of our clients, because we face many of the same ourselves.

For our team members, well opens the door for new and different clients, industries, and projects. Launching the store is an experiment that may turn out to be a positive addition to our agency not only through the recession, but long after.

Benefits for Our Team:
  • More consistent work during uncertain times
  • A greater variety of projects and clients
  • Ability for seasoned team members to pick their favorite projects
  • Learning opportunities within different markets

Looking Ahead

We are all making significant changes to keep our team members employed and our companies viable. What could have been a distraction in 2019 may prove to be an opportunity in 2020.

From today onward, most leaders must recognize that the business they were in no longer exists. - The Praxis Journal

As you continue reshaping the work you are called to, we will be doing the same. In this first version of well we look forward to learning from you - discovering what your greatest needs are, which services provide the most traction in this current economy, and how we can help you continue bringing your much-needed ideas to life.

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