Startup Founder Story: Dharma Teja Nukarapu of SharkDreams

We spoke with Dharma Teja Nukarapu of SharkDreams and created a client story for the Fourscore Business Law startup community:

SharkDreams founder Dharma Teja Nukarapu isn’t new to the tech startup world or the healthcare system. After selling his first startup in Kansas, Dharma moved to the Research Triangle to work with companies to help improve their experiences from a software perspective. As he was completing mentorships in health technology, he observed the need to connect the Internet of Things (IoT) and healthcare development.

“I saw so many problems with the communications between patients, providers and pharmacies, but I didn’t see any technology in place to fix them,” Dharma recalled. “The roadmap was clear, the market was 100 percent accessible and there were funding opportunities available, so nothing seemed like a showstopper for starting my own company.”

Dharma launched SharkDreams in 2017 with the goal of becoming the leading provider of Advanced Digital Clinics, helping to provide quality care for patients…

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