Startup Founder Story: Curt Sardeson of Open Sky Group

We spoke with Curt Sardeson of Open Sky Group and created a client story for the Fourscore Business Law startup community.

Curt Sardeson founded Open Sky Group when he saw a need for more skill and expertise in the supply chain software industry. He noticed many distribution and warehousing companies in particular were not succeeding simply because they didn’t know how to integrate new supply chain software into their everyday operations. Curt knew he could fill the gap, and offer companies better, more comprehensive support.

“Companies invest in software systems every day, but they don’t have a solid understanding of the capabilities and features to utilize them,” he said. “I love helping customers not only install new supply chain software, but also gain the knowledge to use it as a catalyst for change. Companies that embrace this process perform better and get incredible results.”

Open Sky Group launched as a supply chain consulting partner on Valentine’s Day of 2006 and won their first contract the very next day. The company sells and implements software solutions that make warehouse and distribution operations work more efficiently…

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