Startup Founder Story: Philip Freeman of Murphy's Naturals

We spoke with Philip Freeman of Murphy’s Naturals and created a client story for the Fourscore Business Law startup community.

Like so many startups revolutionizing the marketplace, Murphy’s Naturals began as a passion project. While company founder Philip Freeman was working in international packaging sales, he noticed there weren’t effective mosquito repellant products made from natural, plant-based ingredients on the market. “I began working on my own formulas, just as a hobby,” he said. Once I figured out what it would take to make a safe and effective product, I began to think about starting my own company.”

In 2013, Philip launched Murphy’s Naturals out of his North Raleigh garage. After only a year, it was time to expand to a larger facility. The company now sells a line of repellants, balms and candles made from lemon eucalyptus oil, peppermint seeds, beeswax and other earth-friendly ingredients.

After college Philip went directly into active duty in the Navy, but he always dreamed of starting his own business…

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