Have you ever asked yourself

"Do I even need
email marketing?"

And if so, where do I begin?

Most businesses are already on Facebook and Instagram, and maybe even Pinterest if they're feeling a little ambitious. You're growing your followers, but now what?

The goal of social media is to find and nurture your target audience in order to build a community, but what happens after you've accomplished that goal? In order to see an ROI, you need to convert those followers into email subscribers.

Getting your contact's email address is essentially your first transaction, especially considering that email marketing campaigns generate about $38.00 for every $1.00 spent.

They are trusting you with their inbox and want to hear from you. You have information you know will be helpful, and today is the best time to start nurturing those relationships. 
Where do you start?

Now that you're ready to make the commitment and dip your toes into email marketing, let's take a look at how to get started.

To begin using email marketing for your business, all you need is a platform and a little inspiration!
do I need email marketing
The Platform.
Our agency's preferred email platform is ActiveCampaign. After 15+ years of working with other choices on the market, ActiveCampaign became our platform of choice because of:

Usability. Regardless of your level of email experience, you can use ActiveCampaign. The dashboard and functionality are clean, easy to understand, and generally intuitive. From creating your first email to setting up a welcome sequence, once you do it the first time you'll be a pro!

Design. With drag-and-drop capabilities, designing your emails is simple. If you create a branded template to use for all emails, your emails will look professional, consistent, and impress your audience.

Automations. This is your secret weapon for effective email marketing. With ActiveCampaign you have full access to automations the day you start your 14-day free trial*. With unlimited automations included, you can segment and personalize your communications without limits.

Robustness. ActiveCampaign is easy enough for a beginner to use, but robust enough that we use it with our most complex clients. It will scale with your business, allowing you to grow without having to change platforms down the road.

Pricing. It's cost effective. Let's be honest, the price tag is a huge determining factor when deciding which platform to use! ActiveCampaign starts at just $9/month, and even as you grow it tends to be more cost effective than other industry-leading platforms.

Please note that we are an ActiveCampaign affiliate partner, which means we receive a small amount of commission from accounts we refer. Your subscription pricing is not effected. We have worked with ActiveCampaign for many years and partner with them because we truly believe they offer a premium service. By creating your account through our link listed here, you have the benefit of receiving more customized support as your account is connected with the Well Refined support structu

A Little Inspiration

You don't have to be an expert to start using email marketing in your business. In fact, it's better to go ahead and take the first step than waiting for the perfect moment!
  1. 1
    Start with a branded template. That might sound intimidating, but all you need is your logo and brand colors to cross this off your to do list. By starting here you'll show up in inboxes with a consistent look, which is really important.
  2. 2
    Next up, you're going to get bold and set up your very first automation! (For those of you in Email 101, automations are emails that are sent automatically based on a contact's behavior.) You'll start with a welcome automation to greet new subscribers, introduce yourself, and show your value through resources or a free gift.
  3. 3
    Finally, to get your toes wet you're going to start sending newsletters. Use your branded template, and send out a newsletter at least once a month. If you have the capacity to do it more frequently, that's even better! This is intended to keep you front of mind and valuable, so share your favorite tips, tricks, blog posts, etc. Just show up consistently.
Let's stop there, but if you want to talk more about automations, sales sequences, lead magnets, tagging, segmenting, funnels, or any other might not understand, let's chat! Schedule a time to meet with our email marketing expert.

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Create professional looking emails starting day one

"An affordable and powerful solution ranging from simple email marketing to professional Marketing Solution."

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Get Started with ActiveCampaign
do I need email marketing

One step at a time.

Get Branded.
Create a branded template using your logo and colors. Use this for all emails moving forward
Start Emailing.
Create a welcome email and send regular newsletters to kick off your email marketing
Keep Growing.
Continue optimizing your emails and watch your conversions soar!

Take the first step.

Do you need marketing support without the commitment of hiring someone or partnering with a marketing agency?

We offer à la carte options to kick start your email marketing that will give you quality, premium-level marketing with flexibility.

do I need email marketing